22 year old Isaac Cozier, is one of Trinidad and Tobago’s hottest music producers and an originator of the popular Trinibad music genre - a mixture of dancehall and gangster rap. His recordings and music reflect the blatant gang reality in sound and image and thus is rapidly growing in popularity. Growing up in Trinidad, Isaac absorbed all styles of music, from jazz to calypso. Trinidad and Tobago is a Caribbean island, uniquely influenced by British, American, Asian, Caribbean, African and Latin music and cultures. As a child, Isaac taught himself to play the guitar and how to use music creation software and studio equipment. He has now recorded almost three original studio albums with completely different music styles to the Trinibad genre he’s become known for, and plans to release them over the coming months into 2023.

Abstract Benna is a South London-based storyteller and spoken word artist who has been making a name across the live circuit over recent years. His Audio Film / album Out of Darkness, paints a picture of the choices that were available to his younger self while growing up in the light and darkness of South London social housing culture. Nurtured by a culture of storytelling, rap cyphers and the lyricism of his peers, Benna’s writing and performative skills evolved as he merged his love of authentic narratives with the rhythms and sounds of his environment. Honing his skills, he soon found himself sharing poems onstage, facilitating workshops and receiving corporate commissions. As this continued, Benna rapidly found himself needing to adapt to a variety of spaces and audiences. Out of Darkness is a reflective summary of this journey; growing up in inner city London and finding the tools to take on the unexpected.

"This project captures the essence of what I do. It sets the premise for the things I want to talk about going forward. My on-going themes are identity. What it means being raised in the diaspora and adapting to inner-city London life. Out of Darkness captures the essence of what it was like growing up in a pre-gentrified neighbourhood when crime, poverty, community love and a vibrant culture was all in a melting pot of what shaped us into the people we became." - Abstract Benna.


For more information visit: abstractbenna.com

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Michael Boothman -
Passionfruit (ft: Orville Roach)

Caribbean Jazz Soul Fusion legend Michael Boothman 2021 new music from the album Songbook. Out on all platforms

Album Mixed by Zab Spencer Music