Can I send you my audio files first?


No - please Contact Us First


Before you send your multi-track files, please first contact us for a creative call so we’re all on the same page. Our goal is to give your song the best possible mix and mastering for radio and streaming platforms. Mixing and mastering are creative processes in themselves and we all need to be on the same page before we begin.



How should I prepare my audio files?


Preparing Your Mix


After our creative call, please provide us with 24bit .WAV or .AIFF files (44.1kHz / 48kHz / 88.2kHz or 96kHz). Each individual track file should be bounced from bar one beat one, to the end of the song. They all need to be the same length, sample rate and bit depth (i.e. 24bit).


Please make sure all tracks are clearly named and that you turn OFF “normalise” if your DAW has that option for bouncing.

Please also make note of the tempo and the key of the song. 


Send this information with any notes along with your audio files.



What about effects?


Production and Mixing Effects


We work in Pro Tools HDX so please supply audio multi-track files dry, without reverb or effects, especially on drums and vocals. However, if you feel that a specific effect processing or creative element (filter sweeps, delays etc.) is a key part of the sound, then please provide a clearly labelled ‘dry safety’ version of the track.


Sorry, but we cannot accept DAW sessions.

(i.e. Logic, ProTools, Ableton, FL Studio etc)



How do I send the audio files?


Upload Link


After our creative call, we will send you an upload link for your files via email. Please make sure they are all in one clearly labelled folder (Artist_SongName_Key_Tempo).

Please remember to make note of the tempo and the key of the song.



Can I send midi files or virtual instruments?



Please print any midi or virtual instruments - we work only with audio files.


Can I have revisions to the mastered track?


Revisions - Mastering

Our aim is to give you the absolute best version the first time. But, should you need it, one revision can be done for mastering.